On a snowy night, Ali's sisters are violently murdered by someone crashing into their house. This terrible incident has a huge impact on Ali. Even after 40 years, Ali is still under the psychological impact of the incident and he thinks he’s talking to the little girls in the graveyard. He wants ...

  • Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court tells the story of a sinner sarcastically facing God in an indefinite future. In this time fraction, retribution in a very narrow range shows its face. Fantasy elements leading to science fiction and horror worlds are included. The significant themes of the modern world are expl...

  • "The Hand That Didn't Pick Up The Apple"

    "This collection is the result of the experiences and pains that I had or witnessed in Iran, but I know that my experience is not and will not be comparable to the sufferings and the pain that the Islamic Republic of Iran inflicts on the women and people of Iran.

    Sanaz Safaie"