• Once Upon a Time in the Web

    St├ęphane, a YouTuber lacking notoriety, seeks to make a living from his videos. His girlfriend encourages him in his projects, while bringing him stability. His partner is quite the opposite. She likes to go into the trash and encourages him to innovate. But what is the price to pay for success?

  • Cracked

    A little girl lives in a village with her mother where water sources are dwindling by day. Drought effects her imagination, even her doodles and drawings. Not only people but the nature struggles with the unrelenting aridness. This little girl though, never loses hope. She tries to do as best she...

  • Home

    Feeling trapped in routines, Pierce quits his job and sells all his possessions to go live adventurously in the wilderness. By rejecting complacency, embracing uncertainty, and welcoming new challenges, he searches for his own version of freedom.