• A Life In Chains

    "A Life In Chains" is a video documentary on human trafficking and prostitution in Bangladesh. Directed by Manuel Marano and Federica Vairani, the movie focuses on victims' stories, their struggle to survive and their relationship with Bangladesh society. The film draws attention to the difficult...

  • The Storyless Land

    The Storyless Land is about a far, ancient, deprived village with no facilities, electricity, clinic or school. Where most of the people are blind or disabled. But with all sufferings, they love their land and soil and fight to stay and live in their ancestors village.

  • Beloved

    "Life as a herder is hard and solitary, but the 82-year-old Iranian Firouzeh loves the ever-changing nature, the hard life and her faithful cows. She hikes across the rugged landscape, lugs bundles of wood and still nimbly climbs trees. Beloved follows this strong-minded woman in her work across ...

  • Expurgo: Deforming Europe

    In 2018, Brazilian band Expurgo was invited to play in the Obscene Extreme Festival, in Czech Republic, and went on a tour through the interior of Europe. In their luggage, the group took 15 years of stories, friendship and extreme music. The documentary gathers testimonies, behind-the-scenes foo...