• Pillars of Creation

    Discover the beauty of the heavens in four minutes. This film is the recipient of the Gold Prize at the 2020 Tsiolkovsky Space Fest and it has been accepted into the official archives of the European Space Agency.

  • Beast of Our Time

    "The Beast of Our Time" is a 50-years-in-the-making, unflinching inquiry into the relationship between climate change and grizzly bears, narrated by one of America's most passionate storytellers, Jeff Bridges. Top scientists, advocates, authors, filmmakers, and poets band together to investigate,...

  • Counterflow

    In 2019, hundreds of residents of Reinosa, Spain, faced one of the largest floods in the town's history. In this documentary, the spokesperson for the affected platform, tells in the first person the story of his family who, to this day, lives in fear that the catastrophe will happen again.

  • The Eyes of the Land

    The biodiversity crisis is one of the most critical issues on the planet. Prompt diagnoses are needed to stop the species' extinction. One threatened species is the spur-thighed tortoise in Morocco. However, determining the presence or absence of this species in the wild is very challenging even ...

  • Mont Blanc

    A trip to 5000 meters of altitude by helicopter crossing the Alps, accompanied with the poem "Mont Blanc" by Percy Shelley.