• Malayz

    he nervous, naughty fish is called Moslem. He is resting on the see weed board when a luminous ring drops down and wakes him up. He gets angry and roars toward the ring. The luminosity of the ring catches his eye and he decides to get it. He makes a huge effort for this purpose and faces lot's of...

  • What Will You Do Now, John?

    John likes routine, so when he comes back home one day to find his wife gone, he is very worried. He pretends that she still lives with him and over a few months, he settles into this new life. Will anyone find out that his wife has left him? Will his routine be disrupted again? How long will he ...

  • Floating Memories

    Transparent images overlap each other, appearing and disappearing to the music.

  • Traces

    "A fox walk on the snow. Two squirrells run. A wood picker bird on a tree... The animals tracks disappear quickly..."

  • Gato The Cat

    Gato is a stray cat mistaken for a magical creature, and needs to save the magic world from a family of time-traveling villains!

  • Leo the Lion

    "The heroes of the cartoon are Leo the lion cub, Spots the leopard, and Panny the bear cub. The lion cub and the leopard live in their houses in a forest clearing, while Panny lives in a cozy bamboo house in the bamboo forest.
    The lion cub and the leopard built a dock on the river shore with a sh...

  • Getting To Know Your Feline Companion

    Aubrey is trying to understand her first cat, Pistachio, when he starts exhibiting some very non-cat like behaviors, such as the ability to summon portals to other dimensions.

  • It's Allright

    It tells the story of a magician that brings a piano to life where singing palm tress grow and a sassy microphone singer will put on quite a performance!

  • Essential Business

    "A nationwide quarantine is issued following the attack of a giant monster. Citizens like our protagonist Bobby are forced to stay indoors whilst the situation is dealt with by government officials (to mixed results). Everything seems to be going well so far... until Bobby is called into work by ...

  • Red Light

    "An astronaut remembers her last days on Earth, a world devastated by climate change and global warming.
    After this, we undertake a journey to a devastated Earth, with underwater cities, dead forests, overpopulation, and jungles where there were previously ice continents."

  • Escape to Another Universe

    Longing as an idea has long been present in people's consciousness. Whether it happens for time, space or for an imaginary place. It reappears again and again as a topic of literature and fine arts. Longing for Heaven.

  • Hotline 28

    Several sight a strange object flying over Plymouth North Carolina. An excitable witness calls the national UFO Hotline to retell what she saw to the disinterested operator.

  • Jiaji正片

    Jiaji and its siblings pop out from a bean pod, fed with those magical twinkles. Once they grow up, the moon coming out…

  • Tokyo 2200 AD

    A vision of Tokyo in the distant future, as a lone motorcyclist races through the city, pursued by a large fish.

  • Outlines

    A brief animation outlining the architecture of the world in simple lines.